List of Companies That Offers Life Insurance in South Africa

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Introduction to Life Cover

Thinking on the lines of death and life insurance does not always imply negative thinking. In fact, this is being more positive as this is a thought of concern for your loved ones after your demise. Though in real time nothing can compensate your presence, it is only fair that your loved ones, especially those who are financially dependent on you, are assured of a comfortable life once you are gone. Perhaps, procuring a life cover is the easiest and smartest approach towards your family commitments.

Working out the rates

To get a comprehensive life insurance quote, it is not enough if you just grab the first offer of policy you spot. There are few steps that have to be worked out before deciding on the life insurance quotes. These quotes cannot be generalized, as the parameters like income, policy amount, premiums, etc. varies between individuals.

Savings: The first step to be taken is to take a look at your savings. Do you have enough savings for the future commitments of your family in your absence? For instance, you may have children whose education has to be taken care; you may have to provide for any type of unexpected illness in the family.
Liabilities: The next factor is your mortgages and other similar liabilities. This is highly important to decide upon the amount of life cover you must take. Any life insurance quote you consider, must offer sufficient fund to clear your mortgages and business or personal liabilities, as this is the great freedom you can present to your family.

Comfortable Living: Just taking care of your savings and liabilities alone does not suffice your family need after your demise. All on-going payments to be made can be taken care of by the life insurance quotes. This includes various factors of household expenditures such as shopping bills, electricity and phone bills, education, etc. In essence, the insurance policy has to take care of everything to keep the life of your loved ones going without much compromise, until someone else stabilizes in the financial ground.

Different Types of Life Insurance Quotes

  • The whole life insurance stays valid till your death and the premium amounts remain the same throughout.
  • Variable quotes are the policies that help you build a cash reserve and invest the same with the insurance company under various choices offered.
  • Universal life cover quotes allows you to have variable premium amounts and variable death benefit amount, based on certain choices made.

Identify the Best Life Cover

  • Take your time and carefully study which policy suits your requirements and which one suffices your future needs.
  • After you make your calculations, you must ensure your policy meets your financial needs. The idea is to procure a plan that approximately offers 13 times your salary per annum. You may want to look for life insurance quotes that offer additional coverage to pay your funeral and medical expenses.
  • After deciding on a good life cover, regularly review the insurance to update on your current requirements, which keeps changing.

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